It seems a while ago but, on 28th February, we told you about the Parish Council’s intention to purchase office space in the village to accommodate the new Clerk and the work of the Parish Council.
We had planned to provide additional information at the Annual Parish Meeting and through the Newsletter and Sheepwash Times, delivered throughout the parish, to make as many residents as possible aware of the plan.
Unfortunately, due to measures around Covid-19; the Annual Parish Meeting has been postponed and the publications have stopped.
Behind the scenes and around the parish, Parish Council business continues, not least in supporting vulnerable residents and those in need, with the help of host of willing volunteers.
The Parish Council’s offer for 17a Church Road was accepted and a loan of £40,500 over 5 years has been applied for.
The Parish Council does not anticipate a need to increase the Precept to cover the repayments, with taxes from new properties providing additional funds.
We will try to keep you in touch with developments.