Day 10 Summary – 2045hrs Wed 1 Apr 2020
To be honest it’s been a relatively steady day that thankfully has provided me with a little respite and some time to consolidate our current situation, reflect on what has been achieved to date, but more importantly how to prepare for the next week, fortnight, month and possibly out to August. Additionally, I have even managed to do some of my day job work. (Thank you to Paul B @ KK for your patience and understanding)
Requests for Assistance
Today we received 8 requests for assistance and 15 for advice, including one from the USA who has a family member in the village ! The timeliness in which both the requests are answered and completed is fantastic and through the residents feedback I receive, greatly appreciated. Furthermore, the staff at the Branston Pharmacy are delighted with volunteers managing prescription collections etc.
Branston Food Bank (Mon – Fri 1000-1100hrs)
After three days the Branston Food Bank has gone from strength to strength. There has been a steady flow of donations and a huge donation of 15 shopping bags of food from Morrison’s ! On behalf of the community thank you very much. In addition, the Branston Co-Op has stated that all donations taken in the store will now be redirected to the Branston Food Bank, another great contribution in support of the community, again thank you very much.
Advice for Volunteers
As alluded to in previous summaries, the tasks carried out by volunteers are undertaken on behalf of LCC County Emergency Centre, Communities & Volunteers Cell as such as a Parish Council we have a ‘Duty of Care’. Therefore, it is pertinent as the tasks increase and I am obliged to remind volunteers that they also have a responsibility to look after themselves. The HMG / NHS guidelines for Covid-19 are clear and must be complied with. Additionally with regards to Safeguarding, volunteers should not be subjected to any of the associated issues. All incidents of this nature are to be reported to me on 07546 241940 immediately for appropriate action as necessary. As for ‘working’ in pairs, I have not yet instigated this, however, if a volunteer would like a ‘partner’, then of course I can provide one.
That’s all folks
Thank you for your continued support – Andy