Well here we are Day 100 !
Today we received 8 requests for assistance and advice which nicely rounded us up to 650 for the first 100 days.
As promised here are some statistics that you may find interesting or indeed helpful to send you off to sleep
Our averages remain relatively constant at around 6.5 per day and 44.5 per week. If the weekend lulls (2-3 per day) are take into consideration and ignored, the daily average is 8 !
Over the past 14 weeks, the lowest weekly number of requests has been 29 and it has peaked at 64. For Week 15, we’re already at 26 !
Stay with it …..
259 – Number of prescriptions collected and delivered to residents in Branston and surrounding villages.
149 – Number of shopping tasks completed.
118 – Number of miscellaneous tasks completed covering a wide range of requests. Too numerous to list but includes gardening, fixing glasses, fixing phones, tip trips, light cleaning, paying bills, dog walking etc etc
66 – Number of welfare visits completed.
55 – Number of Food Boxes distributed to residents in Branston plus 11 other communities.
3 – Number of times residents have been accompanied on hospital appointments.
143 – Number of residents assisted.
Still there….?
Currently we have 55 volunteers who remain readily available to respond to requests.
Over £150 spent on phone calls to administer and operate the Group.
Approximately £500 gratefully received in donations.
70 + Face masks gratefully received and provided to the Branston Surgery and vulnerable residents.
7 – Number of distant families with relatives in Branston that volunteers and I are in contact with to provide updates and support.
I’ve added a simple chart to display the activity levels.
Finally, today we had another great delivery from FareShare (Hull & Humber) as the photos shows, prior to it going into quarantine for 3 days !
Dare I say it “ No-one needs to go without “ !
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy