Daily Summary – Day 11 – 2030hrs Thu 2 Apr 2020 Yet again another steady day that has mainly consisted of answering questions and giving advice to residents and organisations about a wide range of issues; how do residents pay volunteers for shopping, what other support groups are operational and how long will this crisis last for, to name a few. Requests for Assistance Eleven requests for assistance (prescriptions and shopping) were received today including one from Edinburgh ! Branston Food Bank (Mon – Fri 1000-1100hrs) Another good day at the Food Bank, the photo below shows the Morrison’s donation 👍🏻. Thank you again. Additionally, Branston’s Mr Murderies Players have purchased £50 of food to donate and this will be delivered tomorrow, another big thank you. All the support is greatly appreciated. Rev Lorna Brabin-Smith has produced some guidelines for the collection, management and distribution of the food and the food bank itself, including highlighting specific food types that are required. These will be available shortly. Thank you for your continued support – Andy ontent goes here[/learn_more]