Daily Summary – Day 12 – 1945hrs Fri 3 Apr 2020
The day started off with an email from the USA, a flurry of requests and people calling, emailing and texting to join our merry band of volunteers, which is really good news.
Statistically, there are now 221 members in this group, 31 non-FB users/volunteers and there are currently 69 ‘badged’ volunteers.
For those that missed my moment of glory on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on Monday, please don’t fret, there’s an opportunity to listen to me again on Lincoln City Radio (103.6 FM) on Mon 6 Apr at 1020am….
Requests for Assistance
In total, 13 requests for help were received today, once again covering a number of different issues. I’m pleased to say that all bar one were answered with the odd one actually and unfortunately being out of our control.
Branston Food Bank (Mon – Fri 1000-1100hrs)
You will have seen on the video that Chris Langford posted early what a great success the Food Bank has been in it’s first week. It is expected that we’ll have to endure this crisis for the foreseeable future and as such the need for this facility is important, to ensure that those in need are supported. Therefore, we’ll need to maintain the momentum and keep up the flow of donations. Everything is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your continued support – Andy