Following nearly a week of just a few requests a day, today saw a step up with 12 tasks being conducted, indeed a “Dirty Dozen”……
The breakdown is as follows:
7 x Welfare calls
3 x Calls for advice
1 x Food Box prepared and delivered to Dunstan
1 x Urgent prescription collection and delivery
Whilst the numbers of shielded residents are declining as they begin to venture out, evidently there is a core who are still required to at home. Indeed the 7 welfare calls made and received today were all with such residents.
I am still looking for a volunteer to take a gentleman up to Lincoln County Hospital on Thursday 23rd July at 1400hrs for a short appointment.
If you are available to assist, can you please call me on 07546 241940
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy

Joy Naylor and 10 others