A steady day that saw a further 9 requests for assistance being received. This now takes us up to 815, which means that yet another significant landmark has been passed, which is truly amazing ! Statistically, ‘we’ are receiving and responding to, on average 6.35 requests per day. Interestingly, this indicates that there has been a slight increase over the past 6 weeks !
The Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank featured well today. Once again under the capable management of Marcus (Some of you may know him …… !) there were some great donations consisting of required items, a big box of apples and a significant delivery from FareShare (Hull & Humber) all of which are greatly appreciated. Additionally, a huge thank you goes out to the family who made a very generous cash donation, which was also very much appreciated.
The continuing support from Branston residents and organisations like FareShare is just remarkable. It is reassuring to know that there exists a well stocked Food Bank that is readily available and able to provide such an important resource to those who need assistance. After seeing this evenings news, this along with the services available from the Support Group, may just be needed for a little while longer …….!!
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy