Today things settled down a little, but we still responded to 5 requests for help. This has been our daily average for most of this pandemic, therefore with this in mind you could actually say that things haven’t changed and we’ve remained constant throughout the past 17 weeks…….
Looking to the future I have previously alluded to what my aspiration is, as to what the legacy of the pandemic will be; a Branston Community Group. The welfare element of this will be modelled on the Good Neighbour Scheme. To date I have a firm core of 18 volunteers who will kindly assist me. However, through the link below that provides a lot of information, I would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes and let me know your thoughts; good, bad or otherwise. This will precede a Branston & Mere wide questionnaire and an online survey that will be the main source of information to take things forward with the support of Community Lincs.
I look forward to hearing from you

Good Neighbour Schemes – Helping Your Community

Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy