As the temperature increased today so did the requests, although only by one taking us to 6, once again maintaining the new daily average.
Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank – Despite several food boxes being delivered, the Food Bank, through the continuing generous donations by residents and the recent drop off’s from Morrison’s (Lincoln) and FareShare (Hull & Humber), it remains well stocked. Needless to say, it exists for those who are financially struggling or otherwise, whether it’s families, couples or those living alone etc. No one needs to go without, especially throughout the school holidays. All requests and enquires will be treated in the strictest confidence via 07395 906220.
Good Neighbour Scheme – Thank you very much to all those who responded with their views and comments. I’m pleased to say that they were all very useful and importantly, positive. Indeed, the distant relatives ie London & Scotland, of Branston residents who replied were especially grateful that this is being considered. Early indications highlight that by virtue that something of this nature may exist instills reassurance in those who may need local assistance.
Finally, the door remains open for replies, I would be grateful for anything that you may wish to comment on by lunchtime on Sunday. Please DM me or call on 07546 241940
I look forward to hearing from you…/good-neighbours-schemes-helpi…/
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy