Well today sees the back end of 20 weeks of Covid-19 with goodness knows how many more to come. With 1 call being received today means that during this period we have, all bar one, successfully responded to 876 requests for assistance. A big thank you to all the volunteers and organisations who have supported and continue to support the community – a great achievement.
The news tells us that we are by no means out of the woods and we must continue to adhere to the guidelines and keep safe.
At this juncture I’d like to furnish you with a few statistics:
As stated 876 requests/tasks have been responded to, off the top of my head they are broken down as follows:
314 – Number of prescriptions, collected and delivered.
200 – Number of shopping tasks completed.
175 – Number of miscellaneous tasks completed (Too many and diverse to mention !)
103 – Number of welfare visits/calls made
77 – Number of Food boxes delivered
7 – Number of hospital visits supported
Additional info:
157 – Number of residents assisted (includes regulars and one of’ s)
100 + – Food bank donations by residents. (Donations of face masks and materials for making face masks also received.
77 – Number of volunteers, registered and badged (at the peak)
11 – Number of communities outside of Branston that have received and continue to receive assistance
10 – Number of Food Bank deliveries from FareShare (Hull & Humber)
7 – Number of local radio interviews (BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincoln City Radio)
7 – Number of distant families (USA, NI, Scotland, Cumbria, London & Dorset) with relatives in Branston that volunteers and I are in contact with
6.3 – Average number of requests received per day
44 – Average number of requests received per week
4 – Number of other local Food Banks supported
£500 – Community award from Cllr Ron Oxby – LCC
£1000 + – Cash donations received from residents
Throughout the past 20 weeks we have been superbly supported by the staff of the Branston Co-op Food Store, Branston Surgery, Morrison’s, FareShare (Hull & Humber), Lincs Co-op Head Office, LRF, NKDC, Wellbeing Lincs, LCC Communities and Volunteer Cell, Branston All Saints and of course the Branston Parish Council.
However, a special mention must go to the staff at the Branston Co-op Pharmacy to whom the volunteers have established a fantastic relationship. Importantly, together this has ensured that the correct medication is available and delivered to the right people in a timely manner – currently 314 times !
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continued support