As well as being the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day, for which I had the honour and privilege of laying a wreath at the Branston War Memorial, it was a day of welfare. Today, 4 welfare related responses were conducted, primarily to provide a little reassurance and a sympathetic ear to lonely, elderly, and in one case a recently bereaved resident. I’m sure you’ll agree that these ‘jobs’ are so important for the wellbeing of such residents, not just for today and tomorrow, but for the future.
I have no doubt that these residents are just a few of many out there. If you know of a neighbour or friend, or maybe someone that you haven’t seen for a while, please take a little time to see how they are. From my experience of the past 21 weeks, it tells me that they’ll be very appreciative of some kindness. Be a good neighbour.
Request for Food Bank Managers – I’m looking for volunteers to manage the Food Bank for the following weeks:
W/C 7 Sep
W/C 14 Sep
W/C 21 Sep
W/C 28 Sep
If you are interested, available and would like to play your part in helping those in need and supporting the community, please give me a call on 07546 241940
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continued support