After yesterday’s ‘peak’, it was quieter today, as only 3 calls came in, all of which were welfare related. One of which was of interest because they asked what local support would be available when the Group is disestablished. Unfortunately, their physical health has deteriorated during Covid, there is no close family, they are alone, fiercely independent and unable to pay care costs. I mentioned the possibility of a Branston Good Neighbour Scheme, but made no promises, however this is not an isolated case and therefore once again highlights the potential for such a scheme.
Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank
Thank you to the resident who made a donation of cash and provisions today, it is appreciated.
Branston Community Group / Good Neighbour Scheme Survey
As per above, please keep spreading the word.
Request to Volunteers
I wish to run another ‘roll call’ to determine where we are with active volunteers. Therefore I would be grateful if you could please let me know what your status is with regards to volunteering and being able to be tasked ? If your circumstances have changed, again please let me know. Furthermore, if you are no longer able to assist, can you please return your pass and lanyard, either dropping them off at the Food Bank or popping them through my letterbox.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support