Today 4 calls for assistance were received; 1 x Shopping, 1 x Prescription collection, 1 x Welfare and 1 x Miscellaneous.
How far are we away from the Big 1000………… and whose going to bag the £30 Amazon voucher ?
Thank you to all those who PM’d me regarding the individual I mentioned yesterday with their concerns and offers of assistance. This is so humbling and evidently highlights the excellent community spirit that exists. The Covid-19 crisis and the group has undoubtedly contributed to this.
Rest assured they are on my radar and I will seek help as necessary.
Branston Community Group / Good Neighbour Scheme Survey
Please keep spreading the word.
Polite Reminder – Volunteers Roll Call
Can you please let me know what your status is with regards to volunteering and being able to be tasked ? This will save me time and prevent any inconvenient, and unnecessary calls. Furthermore, if you are no longer able to assist, can you please return your pass and lanyard, either by dropping them off at the Food Bank or popping them through my letterbox.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support