I received 2 calls today, both of which were welfare related, primarily involving just having a friendly chat.
However, one I must tell you a little more about that goes back 80 years.
It involved listening to the individuals experience of living through the blitz in London and being bombed on an almost daily and nightly basis. By a miracle, they along with their mother and siblings survived, their father was away serving overseas with the Army. Their memory and detailed recollection of events was fascinating, vividly describing the destruction, smells, sounds of shattering glass, the fire engines bells, air-raid sirens, explosions, and not forgetting the sound of the ack-ack guns, to name just a few. The raw emotions of being hunkered down in an Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden were also described.
As an ex-military man, I was very interested and I considered it a real privilege to listen to this piece of history. It made me seriously think about those dark days and I reflected upon the fact that undoubtedly the community spirit helped them to amazingly get through it………
Branston Community Group – Good Neighbour Scheme Survey
During a trip to the Branston Co-op Foodstore this morning I managed to hand out several survey forms, hopefully they’ll be returned 🤞 Additionally, I spoke to some residents who had responded and their comments were encouraging and complimentary.
The collection box will remain in the Branston Co-op Foodstore until Tuesday morning, so an excellent opportunity exists for a last minute drop off.
Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank
I have two vacancies for an individual to fill the Food Bank Manager slot for:
1. Tuesday 22nd September – 1 day only
2. Week commencing Monday 19th October.
If you are available and would like to play your part in the community, in this vital role, I would like to hear from you.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy