Another month draws to end with only 1 welfare call coming in, but needless to say the resident was so grateful and reassured.
Lincolnshire Sport & Physical Activity Awards 2020
I am very pleased to inform you of the following nomination that I have received, which without the fantastic support that I have received and continue to receive from the volunteers I would not have even been considered.
Extract: “In response to the unprecedented impact Covid-19 has had on everyday life, the focus of this year’s Lincolnshire Sport & Physical Activity awards has shifted to celebrate and give thanks to the incredible people, groups and organisations that have stepped up and responded to the situation, helping the people of Lincolnshire to keep active and healthy throughout these difficult times.
With the current situation around Covid-19 and the restrictions we face, this year’s event will be streamed online during the evening of Thursday 12 November”.
Take care and Stay Safe – Andy