Week 28 started off with 3 welfare calls coming in, primarily asking for advice and a chat. Two of the callers asked, how long the Group would be active and the third was a new caller asking about its operational hours. Needless to say the residents were left reassured that support is available and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, either as a Covid-19 Group or indeed Good Neighbour Scheme.
NK Community Champion Awards 2020 – Wednesday 7th October – 7.00pm
A couple of weeks ago I proudly mentioned that I have been listed as a nominee for these awards. Indeed I have fallen into the following categories:
Community Safety, Good Neighbour & Contribution to Health & Wellbeing
Without the excellent support from the Group, the active volunteers and help from numerous organisations, I wouldn’t have even been considered, so thank you very much.
Additionally, the Primary Academies Food Voucher Scheme, Branston have also been nominated in the Contribution to Health & Wellbeing.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this years ceremony will be streamed as a virtual events presentation at www.NKawards.org this Wednesday evening. If you would like to follow the proceedings and see how we get on, I’ve attached the details below.
Take care and Stay Safe – Andy