Today the phone only rang twice, one for welfare asking about who is eligible for food bank support and one miscellaneous. It is not in the spirit of the Food Bank to stipulate a strict criteria for who is and who isn’t eligible, as nearly 7 months of experience, requirements and requests has proven that everyone’s circumstances are very different. What I can say is that each request is considered individually and integrity and confidentiality is upheld.
Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank – Volunteer Request
As always the response for volunteer assistance is brilliant. I now only have one week to fill between now and Christmas and it’s for w/c 30 Nov.
If you are able to spare an hour a day for a week in helping the community and meeting residents, please get in touch. Thank you.
NK Community Champion Awards 2020 – Wednesday 7th October – 7.00pm
Don’t forget the awards tomorrow night at
Take care and Stay Safe – Andy