Today ticked along steadily with 6 requests for assistance being received.
The breakdown is: 5 x Welfare; 3 for advice and 2 x visits, and 1 x shopping trip.
Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank
Thank you once again to Marcus (some of you may know him….) who has kept the Food Bank open this week. Next week we’ll see a new face in charge as Dee very kindly takes up the reins for the week.
Along with the food items that have been donated, the generous cash donations have enabled Rev Lorna to purchase additional items; washing detergent, washing up liquid, bathroom spray cleaner, toilet rolls, hair shampoo, hand-wash, shower gel, toothpaste & tooth brushes. These will greatly compliment the existing stock, which of course is available who may need it – remember “Nobody needs to go without !”
A point of interest:
At the beginning of the pandemic I accepted a kind donation of a wheelchair for the Branston Emergency Planning Group which at the time I thought may come in handy sometime…..
Today, I am pleased to say that I was able to respond to a request for, guess what….a wheelchair. Despite being a little dusty it was delivered to a casualty of a slip that resulted in a dislocated ankle and three broken foot
bones. I hope this helps you to a speedy recovery.
Finally, out of interest has anyone noticed a theme throughout this weeks updates……….?????
Take care, Stay Safe and have a good weekend
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy