Week 31 certainly started with a rush of 14 requests for assistance being successfully responded to. They consisted of 5 x Miscellaneous, 3 x Shopping trips, 3 x Welfare, 2 x Food boxes and finally 1 x Prescription collection and delivery.
With today’s haul we have now hit 1201 request, another milestone.
Of interest, here’s a few additional details of today’s activities:
Four of the requests come from residents who have not previously contacted the Group
Checking fire alarms
Assisting with bank accounts
Liaising with relatives residing in the USA
Receiving food donations
Assisting in the use of an iPad
As you can see the range of tasks remains diverse and each and everyone is vital to those residents for all sorts of reasons; wellbeing, confidence, assurance and without putting a finer point on it survival.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy