Today unusually for a Friday only 5 calls for assistance were received, however of course for those individuals and families who received our help it provides protection and safety:
3 x Welfare including 1 x Home visit
1 x Miscellaneous
1 x Prescription collection and delivery
Group Membership
Some of you may have noticed that our have numbers have slightly increased today. Unashamedly, this was down to me trawling through my contacts and pushing out invites…….thank you to those accepted and I warmly welcome you. As an ask, being at 289, don’t you think that it would be good to crack the 300 ? Please put the word out…
Branston All Saints Food Bank
Thank you to Ardva for managing the Food Bank this week, it is really appreciated. For the next fortnight we welcome back Judy, thank you again.
I make no apologies for mentioning this again, but I will never cease to be amazed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the people of Branston and supporting organisations. Today I received numerous pledges of cash and food donations, particularly for the children of our village at Christmas. On behalf of the Group and those vulnerable families and individuals of whom we support, thank you very much.
Protection against frauds and scams
I am changing tack this evening, as I don my Police Support Volunteer ‘hat’ to provide some advice below on protecting yourselves against frauds and scams. Statistically, it was proven that the number of incidents relating to these crimes increased during the first lockdown and undoubtedly it will increase again now, so please be ‘scam savvy’. If you would like any advice, please give me a call on 07395 906220.
Take care, Stay Safe and have the best weekend that you can.
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy