Week 33 ends, unusually and interestingly with a busy day for a Sunday as 7 requests for assistance came in.
5 x Welfare including 3 x Home visits
2 x Shopping trips
What do Volunteers actually do ?
During the past few weeks I’ve been asked several times as to what tasks a volunteer maybe required to undertake in providing assistance to a resident. I routinely list some requests as welfare, but what does this actually comprise of ?
Every volunteer who responds to a request provides a vital role in whatever tasks they do. Here is a ‘mini CV’ of a volunteer who encapsulates it.
8 months ago befriended an elderly resident
Maintains daily contact and conducts daily visits
Provides regular financial, home and scam security advice
Completes regular shopping trips and prescription collections
Assisted with broken fire alarms, keys, locks, lost/mislaid items
Maintained email and telephone contact with distant family members
Acted as a ‘confidential’ third party between, doctors, banks, building societies, well being services etc
Assisted with medication needs
To name a few…..
This by all means this is not an isolated example. They are not paid carers, welfare workers, social workers or clinically trained advisors etc nor do they receive any financial support, but are individuals who go above and beyond in a dedicated manner that has undoubtedly and significantly enhanced what otherwise would have been a very different lives for lonely and vulnerable residents. I wholeheartedly thank you all for your loyalty and commitment.
Branston All Saints Food Bank
Don’t forget Judith will be managing the Food Bank for the next fortnight and will be available to receive donations and prepare food boxes for dispatch.
‘No one needs to go without’.
Finally, although not displaying any symptoms I had a precautionary COVID Test this afternoon. Providing you are eligible, the booking and test process is easy and quick. Indeed from the time of booking online to walking out of the Test Centre – 40 mins. Results in 24hrs. However, I wouldn’t advise taking the test with an eye infection, at the point of gagging and poking a swab up my nostril, I thought my eyeball was going to pop out and/or burst !😂😂👁
Take care, Stay Safe and have a good week
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy