After all the jazz and pomp of yesterday, things were certainly quieter today with only 4 requests coming in – 3 x Welfare including one home visit and 1 x prescription collection and delivery.
Fortunately, this provided me with a some time catch up on some admin, particularly in respect of maintaining the Daily Occurrence Regitster. This now incidentally consists of 133 pages and 30610 words, and most of it is in military abbreviations. Furthermore our number of successfully completed requests has now reached an amazing 1384 – sorry, it’s been a long week…..!
Swiftly moving on, once again thank you for all the congratulatory messages for yesterday. It would have been nice to have won of course, not only for me, but primarily for the excellent team that I have got behind me.
Branston All Saints Food Bank
It has been another good week at the Food Bank which has been efficiently managed by Judy, who incidentally will also be there next week. As the 1st December approaches, we are looking at where we can, generously giving out Advent Calendars to children. If you would like to contribute, they would be very welcome. Additionally, there is currently a requirement for long life fruit juices and squashes.
Finally, did anyone else spot this weeks theme……..apart from Tina !
Take care, Stay Safe and have a good weekend
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy