Things ticked over today as 8 requests for assistance came in, in the form of:

4 x Prescription collection and deliveries

1 x Miscellaneous

1 x Shopping trip &

2 x Welfare (inc 1 x reassurance call)

Although I normally push out statistics at key milestones, yesterday I was asked to produce some, so I thought I’d share them with you and bring you up to date on our activities. To date, we’ve successfully responded to 1426 requests for assistance, which are made up of the following jobs/tasks:

404 – Number of prescriptions collected and delivered to residents in Branston and surrounding villages.

295 – Number of shopping tasks completed.

313 – Number of miscellaneous tasks completed covering a wide range of requests. Too numerous to list but includes gardening, fixing glasses, fixing phones, fixing door bells, tip trips, light cleaning, paying bills, dog walking etc etc

285 – Number of welfare visits completed.

122 – Number of Food Boxes distributed to residents in Branston plus 11 other communities.

7 – Number of times residents have been accompanied on hospital appointments.

165 – Number of residents assisted.

In summary, and as previously reported the requests have remained relatively consistent, apart from increases in welfare related calls and requirement for Food Boxes. The daily average is currently 5.9 per day !

Thank you to everyone whose involved.

Without wishing to appear lazy, I’ve repeated this article as I feel it’s very important……

Do you know someone who has ‘Made A Difference’…?

BBC Radio Lincolnshire have launched their ‘Make A Difference Awards 2020’

If you would like to nominate anyone, I certainly am, please use the link to the nomination form below, also please send it to anyone you think may like to nominate someone / encourage others to nominate.

Take care and Stay Safe

Thank you for your continuing support – Andy