Today, 8 calls for assistance came in; 4 x Welfare of which involved home visits, 3 x Prescription collections and deliveries, and 1 x Shopping trip.

Important Request

Today I visited an elderly couple who do not have any close family or relatives. Initially, whilst not wishing to enter, I could not help immediately feeling the cold air that was coming from within the house. Within ten minutes I had the heating on and the temperature at a comfortable level. I won’t go into details as to how this situation came about but it gave me a real cause for concern and I’ve asked a neighbour to check on them.

At this juncture, can I please ask all of you that have any contact with or know of any such neighbours, where practicable to check on them and their heating…… only takes a couple of minutes.

Volunteer Safety

I would like to take this opportunity to once again remind volunteers to adhere to the guidelines in respect of protecting themselves whilst conducting jobs. It is not a secret that the number of residents that have either had or currently have Covid-19 and undergoing treatment is increasing. With this in mind, please ensure that appropriate protective measures are taken, as well as respecting confidentiality.

Take care and Stay Safe

Thank you for your continuing support – Andy