Today started off relatively quiet, well that was up until early afternoon when 9 requests for assistance were responded to in quick succession. They related to:


6 x Welfare, 3 of which were home visits, 2 x Prescription collections and deliveries, and 1 x Food box delivery.


External support


Really pleased to have engaged with the following organisations today who will be assisting the group, like many others in supporting our residents:


Voluntary Centre Services North Kesteven

Lincolnshire Children’s Services


It’s great to know that along with others and despite everything that’s going on, there are others to help us out.


As volunteers who in the main are not welfare or counselling etc trained, through their dedication and commitment, we’ve managed to provide an excellent service to our community that had not previously existed. However, unfortunately a number of cases have been identified whereby the support that is required is beyond the remit of what we set out to or indeed can provide. Therefore it is essential that the our relationship with the ‘professionals’ is established and maintained to ensure that the appropriate level of support is in place for those that need it.


Take care and Stay Safe


Thank you for your continuing support – Andy