Yet again another steady day whereupon ten requests for assistance, primarily for the collection of prescriptions were received. This is such an important role that the volunteers fulfil and the great relationship that has been established with the Branston Co-op Pharmacy staff most certainly contributes to an efficient process to support those residents who are unable to collect it themselves.
The Branston Food Bank features again today as along with regular donations from kind residents, Chris collected another generous donation from Morrison’s in Lincoln. Thank you very much.
As alluded to in previous posts the Food Bank is now well stocked and in a good position to provide for those who maybe struggling to support themselves or their families. Once again, can I please ask that this message is passed on. A Food Box can be easily obtained by calling 07395 906220.
If anyone has any questions or would like any further information about the Branston Parish Council response to this crisis, please get in touch. ( or 97546 241940)
Thank you for your continued support and Stay Safe – Andy