Today we hit two important milestones:


Day 250 of the pandemic and


1500 requests for assistance received and successfully responded to. This is a remarkable achievement – A massive thank you to everyone whose been involved either as a volunteer, food bank manager, dog walker, cash or food donator, face mask manufacturer or indeed anyone including businesses and organisations who’ve helped someone in the community.


Unfortunately the day was marred when Branston was once again visited by the ‘Nottingham Knockers’ …….I hope no one succumbed to their intimidating tactics. Thank you to Andy W for the heads up. Please read the Operation REPEAT notice that I posted earlier and share where you think necessary. If you would like any further information on either Op REPEAT or Op REVIVE (Scams &Frauds), please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Moving on, where did the 22 requests come from:


6 x Welfare – all of which were home visits

7 x Prescription collections and deliveries

4 x Food box deliveries

4 x Shopping trips

1 x Miscellaneous


Branston All Saints Food Bank


On top of everything else, it has been another great week at the Food Bank in the hands of Pat, thank you. The kindness and generosity of residents is amazing. Behind the scenes Judy and Marcus have been busy on a secret mission…..I’ll leave it there ?


Overall, it’s been quite a day !!


Transition from the Branston Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group to the Branston Community Group – Good Neighbour Scheme (Reposted)


I am pleased to give you the heads up the this will take place on 1st December at 0001hrs. As previously alluded to, the primary functions and provision of services will remain exactly the same, as will the contact numbers.


Apart from the name and logo changing (sorry Annabelle 🙁) the volunteers will be issued new lanyards and passes in due course, and a formal committee and constitution will be in place – thus formalising the Group for a range of reasons. There will be no changes to Branston All Saints Food Bank.


Finally, this is an exciting time as this Group will be for all of us, not just for now but for years to come – a real worthwhile legacy to come out of the pandemic and of course 2020.


If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Take care, Stay Safe and have a good weekend


Thank you for your continuing support – Andy