After all of the excitement of yesterday, we had a quieter day with the Branston Helpline phone ringing 8 times. These were for the following reasons:


5 x Welfare – 3 of which were home visits

2 x Prescription collections and deliveries

1 x Shopping trips


Spreading the word


During the week a resident called to inform me that they had seen a person struggling with their shopping. With the individuals consent they passed on the details and I’m pleased to say that they are now being looked after by the Group. Co-incidentally this morning I experienced the same and we now have another two residents who will now be benefiting from the services that the Group can provide. If you see the same, please spread the word – we have the capability and volunteers to help anyone that needs it.

Branston Helpline 07395 906220


Take care and Stay Safe


Thank you for your continuing support – Andy