I’m not sure if it’s because of the name change but its certainly been another busy day, this time with 15 requests being received, in the shape of:


2 x Prescription collections and deliveries

3 x Shopping trips

5 x Welfare including 3 home visits

3 x Miscellaneous &

2 x Food Boxes delivered


Of interest, we also had three kind food bank donations, two new volunteers and calls from two ‘new residents’ who’ve not previously requested help.


Request for Delivery Assistance


Following on from yesterday’s post, dare I say, as usual the response for any form of help has once again been great. Thank you to all those who have offered their services, however, the more we have the quicker we can complete the operation.

If you’d like to help out with this meaningful task, please let me know (07395 906220) the first deliveries will begin at 1030am next Tuesday, 8th December at the Church Hall and will continue throughout the week.


Finally, some of you may have noticed that we now have 299 group members, can we crack the 300 this evening…?


Take care and Stay Safe


Thank you for your continuing support – Andy