Once again a steady day, during which 8 requests came in, which involved the delivery of three food boxes, two miscellaneous, two shopping and one welfare chat. Remarkably, this has seen us smash through the 1600 milestone to finish on 1608 ! By the way, this figure does not include the individual Christmas Hamper deliveries. I wonder what the total will be at the end of the year, anyone fancy a guess ? …….even for the opportunity to win a £50 Amazon Voucher!
Branston All Saints Group Food Bank
The preparation and the delivery of Food boxes and Christmas Hampers continued today, not only across the village but also out to the neighbouring communities of Washingborough and Potterhanworth. Furthermore, as well as receiving a generous cash donation from a resident, Morrison’s have once again kindly supported us and the Community Development Team, with whom we have a fantastic relationship on behalf of Lincolnshire Co-op have pledged quantities of food, including fresh bread on 18th December Food vouchers in the New Year, thank you Jac and the team, it is really appreciated.
Information for Volunteers
Since succumbing to the virus, I’ve not been the full shilling, I know for many of you, you won’t have noticed the difference……..Stop chuckling Richard 😂Anyway, from today Jim Watson (Group Secretary) has very kindly taken on the Helpline Phone and thus Volunteer Coordinator role, to give me a break, for which I’m truly grateful. He’ll also be helped by Linda Rust (Group Treasurer). So if you hear a strange voice asking for help from 07395 90220, don’t worry it’s only Jim ! I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that you will you continue to provide them with the fantastic assistance that you have given me. Before I forget, during the handover process, please be assured that all details have remained secure on encrypted and password protected devices, in compliance with GDPR. Additionally and of course just as important the disinfection and sanitisation process was an operation in its own right.
Request for Volunteer Assistance
I’m still looking for help to take some small electrical and non-electrical items and batteries to the tip. If anyone has a ‘tip run’ booked or is available to assist, I would be grateful if you could please call Jim on 07395 906220.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy, Jim & Linda