It’s been very quiet Saturday for Jim today as only as only one miscellaneous request came in.
New Christmas Rules
Whilst not wishing to get into the political reasoning behind the Government’s decision this evening, I can only hope that the guidelines are followed in order to protect yourselves and your families.
Recovery after COVID-19
Tomorrow my wife and I come out of isolation after 2 and three weeks respectively, having both contracted the virus. However, although not deemed clinically infectious, completion of self-isolation does not automatically mean that live returns to normal, unfortunately the residue of the virus remains at different levels for different durations; sometimes for up to months. Having spoken to medical specialists and those who have been through this experience the mental and physical after effects are wide and varied, and affects people in different ways. As such, I have attached the following information and link to help the understanding of the recovery and life after isolation.
Supporting your recovery after COVID-19
Finally, on behalf of Carole and I, I would like to say a massive thank you for all your messages of support and offers of help, to get us through it, although we’re not quite out of the woods yet.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy, Jim & Linda 👍🏻