Well, as Week 40 slips away, so does another day whereby no requests for assistance were received. Indeed, this is the first time in 280 days that a period of three days have passed quietly. It could be said that this is down to the time of year, however it could also be said that the Group has ensured that those residents who have utilised our services have been well catered for and looked after for this period…..
Branston All Saints Food Bank – Festive Period – Opening Hours
Monday 28 December to Thursday 31 December – 1000-1100 hrs
Normal service resumes: Monday 4 – 8 January 2021 – 1000-1100 hrs
Outside these times, assistance is available by simply calling the Branston Community Helpline on 07395 906220
Guess the number of requests
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Branston Good Neighbour Scheme (BGNS)
Whilst having a little time to reflect, I have been once again considering the future and the fact that there will be approximately 35 residents (GNS Survey data Sep20) who will benefit from the GNS post Covid. Of course, in addition to these I am well aware that there are a number of ‘unrecognised’ residents, including myself, who have been, even before Covid, regularly looking after a relative, a family, an individual or a neighbour.
If you are one of these or know someone who fits this description, I would like to offer up the support of the Branston Good Neighbour Scheme. This will involve formal support and recognition, ability to share the workload, signposting to appropriate welfare and care services, insurance liability cover and DBS if deemed necessary to name a few. For further details, please call 07395 906220 or email branstoncommunity@gmail.com
Take care and Stay Safe – Andy, Jim & Linda 👍
Here are a few interesting facts about Long COVID recently produced by the Office of National Statistics