2021 started with 2 welfare calls coming in, fortunately nothing serious, just asking for advice.

As alluded to in my earlier post to announce the winner of the competition we have cracked the 1700 milestone. I didn’t mention it sooner as I didn’t wish to disclose a ‘super clue’. Once again congratulations to Sarah who out of 32 guesses was bang on.

As for moving forward there is a lot of work and a number of tasks that the Committee and I need to do to formalise the Group, our procedures and activities to name a few. I won’t dwell on this now, but to give you an idea, it involves:

Signing off the Constitution
Setting up a bank account
Attaining liability insurance
Confirming the volunteer list and issuing photo ID passes with new lanyards
Purchasing IT
Production of a Volunteer Handbook
Arranging DBS as required
Fund raising and sponsorships
Etc etc

It appears complex but with your continuing support, we’ll crack it.

Take care and Stay Safe – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Kev, Jonathan, Foxy and Joseph 👍

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