As Week 41 comes to an end, interestingly, 2 requests for assistance came in that were both welfare related; one to assist a resident who has just gone into hospital and the other for a resident who has been discharged.

Branston All Saints Food Bank
Tomorrow business resumes as normal at the Church Hall with Linda as the Manager for the week.

If you would like to make a donation, the following items would be greatly appreciated:

Apple juice
Orange juice
Squash (Orange, black current etc)

Request for Volunteer Information
As from tomorrow, I will be initiating a ‘roll call’ requesting that all volunteers let me know what their current availability and status is. This will enable Jim and I to have an update list of who is ‘active’ and able to assist, thus saving time and bring inconvenienced by unnecessary calls. I would like to have this new consolidated list completed by 1300 hrs on Sunday 10th January. Your help and co-operation in achieving this will be appreciated.

Furthermore, once compiled I will distribute new lanyards and passes. The roll out of photographic passes will commence at a later date. If you are no longer wish to or are unable to assist, can you please, firstly let me know and then either drop off your green Volunteer pass at the Food Bank or pop it through my door.

Take care and Stay Safe – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Kev, Jonathan, Foxy and Joseph 👍

Local and Green
Recently purchased from Lincoln based Visual Print and Design, here’s what the new lanyards look like. Additionally, the promotional pens that show our telephone number are also shown. Each pen is made from a recycled 500ml plastic bottle and after use it can be recycled.

No photo description available.