Things eased off slightly today as only 8 requests for assistance were received and they looked this:

3 x Welfare
2 x Food box deliveries
2 x Shopping trips &
1 x Miscellaneous (Dog walking)

Today I ventured out to do some shopping at Tesco near Pelham Bridge. This was the first time to this store in quite a while and I was absolutely shocked at 1. The amount of people out shopping and 2. Panic buying, with at least two families who also appeared to be having a day out having two trolleys ! I’ll leave it there…..However, whilst wearing a BCG lanyard and ID badge, two fellow customers did allow me proceed to the head of the queue at the till, which I thought was rather nice.

Branston All Saints Food Bank
If you are considering donating to the Food Bank, the following items are in short supply and will be greatly appreciated:

Washing powder / liquid
Toilet rolls
Fabric softener
Long life milk
Rice pudding / Custard
Tinned meats; ham, hotdogs, pies
Fruit juices

Additionally, if anyone has any ‘Bags for Life’ that are no longer required, we’d be grateful for them too.

Dialaride (Courtesy of Andy Wignall)

The demand for Dialaride services has gone through the roof, mainly for trip requests for get Covid jabs. Residents are reminded that Dialaride is funded and supported by NKDC through your council tax payments and is a very effective transport service for those that need it. To book transport or request further details, call 01522 524477

Welcome to DialaRide

Take care and Stay Safe. Don’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Kev, Jonathan, Foxy and Joseph 👍

There is a lot of on-line coverage regarding this scam, however if you are aware of anyone that doesn’t use the Internet, please ensure they are made aware.

Image may contain: people playing sports, people sitting and sky, text that says 'UK CORONAVIRUS SCAMS ActionFraud Cyber Wwtutataa.w W chonfraal.gofierm Aware Coronavirus vaccinations are free of charge. The NHS will never: Coronavirus vaccine scams ask for your bank account or card details ask for your PIN or banking passwords OFFICIAL arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine ask for documentation to prove your identity, such as passport or utility bills'