Week 42 finished off very quietly without the phone ringing at all. This provided me with an opportunity to catch up on some Group administration, primarily producing photo ID passes that will be issued shortly.

Branston All Saints Food Bank

Jan will be managing the Food Bank this week and will be available for receiving donations as well as preparing food boxes as required. If you are considering donating to the Food Bank, the following items are in short supply and will be greatly appreciated:

Washing powder / liquid
Toilet rolls
Fabric softener
Long life milk
Rice pudding / Custard
Tinned meats; ham, chicken, hotdogs, pies, stews, curries etc
Fruit juices

Additionally, if anyone has any ‘Bags for Life’ that are no longer required, we’d be grateful for them too.

Volunteer Safety
I would like to take this opportunity to once again remind volunteers to adhere to the guidelines in respect of protecting themselves and others whilst conducting jobs. The new strain(s) of Covid-19 are particularly rampart as highlighted in the national news. Please ensure that appropriate protective measures are taken, as well as respecting confidentiality.

Take care, Stay Safe and have a good week – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Kev, Jonathan, Foxy and Joseph 👍

‘Long COVID’ – An interesting and poignant article.

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