Helpline No: 07395 906220

Daily Summary – Day 298 – Thursday 14th January 2021

Things slowed down today as only 9 requests came in and they looked like this:

5 x Welfare (1 x Home visit)
2 x Miscellaneous (Inc setting up a carbon monoxide detector)
1 x Shopping &
1 x Food box delivery

Advice for Volunteers and indeed everyone

When out and about in these current conditions, please be extra careful whether on foot or driving and adhere to advice, especially if you are either not comfortable or confident with getting about in snow and ice. Going into or being taken into A & E is never a pleasant experience and even more so at the moment. Take care

Lincoln City Radio

Once again, I had a great chat with David Harding-Price this morning whose a keen follower of our activities and I look forward to updating his listeners again soon.

Take care, Stay Safe and have a good week – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Kev, Jonathan, Foxy and Joseph 👍

Image may contain: text that says 'KNOW TOP TIPS FOR SNOW! WINTER DRIVING SLIP AND SLIDE: TEST ROAD CONDITIONS FREQUENTLY Periodically, check traction (available grip) when driving challenging conditions. Road conditions can change drastically short period winter. Apply brakes moderate pressure determine the available grip and modify your driving, if needed, respond ever-changing road conditions. GRIP IT GOOD! It's best avoid braking when negotiating tum. YOU CRUISE,YOU LOSE acceleration Brake before the turn 2‘ Negotiate the turn 3 Accelerate after the tum Avoid cruise control in wet, icy or snow conditions to maintain control of acceleration and deceleration at all times.'