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Day 300 finished low key day with only the following 7 requests for assistance being responded to:

4 x Welfare (1 x Home visit)
2 x Prescription collection and deliveries &
1 x Miscellaneous

Here we are after 300 days of a declared global pandemic and as promised here are a few statistics to digest – firstly the bad news: (Source: BBC/NHS – 16 Jan 21)

Worldwide – Over 2 million people have died.
UK – 3,367,361 reported cases
UK – 88,590 deaths – 76,378 in England and 1290 in Lincolnshire

On a brighter note, I have no doubt in my mind that over the past 300 days the role of the Group in everything that it has achieved with the fantastic support of numerous organisations has been vital in protecting and potentially saving the lives of vulnerable residents.

Here is a statistical summary:

To date, 1876 requests for assistance have been successfully responded to.

473 – Number of prescriptions collected and delivered to residents in Branston and surrounding villages.

346 – Number of shopping tasks completed.

411 – Number of miscellaneous tasks completed covering a wide range of requests. Too numerous to list but includes gardening, fixing glasses, fixing phones, fixing door bells, tip trips, light cleaning, paying bills, dog walking etc etc

440 – Number of welfare calls, visits and related tasks completed.

195 – Number of Food Boxes distributed to residents in Branston plus 11 other communities.

11 – Number of times residents have been accompanied on hospital appointments.

200+ – Number of residents assisted.

6.25 – Average daily number of requests.

12 – Number of communities assisted outside of Branston.

54 – Number of currently listed volunteers (Peaked at 78)

19 – Number of volunteers who have been Food Bank Managers.

34 – Total number of organisations etc with whom relationships have been formed.

9 x Local radio broadcasts (BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincoln City Radio)

113 – Lowest monthly total (Sep 20)

247 – Highest monthly total (Nov 20) (To date in Jan 21, we’ve received 165 requests, therefore it is highly likely that this figure will be exceeded).

The monthly totals to date are as follows and clearly highlights the lockdown periods:

53 – March 2020 (9 days only)
188 – April
200 – May
209 – June
185 – July
140 – August
113 – September
183 – October
247 – November
193 – December
165 – January 2021 (16 days only)

I hope that you’ve found this interesting and indeed if there is anything I’ve missed or you would like to know, please let me know.

Finally and naturally, a massive sincere thank you to everyone involved and for your continuing support – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Joseph, Jonathan, Sharon and Kev. 👍🏻

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