Helpline: 07395 906220

Daily Summary – Day 303 – Tuesday 19th January 2021

12 requests for assistance were received today, coming in the form of the following:

6 x Welfare (3 x Home visits)
3 x Miscellaneous
2 x Food Box delivered &
1 x Prescription collection and delivery

Branston All Saints Food Bank – Important information

In order to ensure that appropriate levels of protection and safety are met in the Church Hall, with immediate effect the Food Bank will operate on a ‘Delivery Only’ basis. All requests must now be submitted either verbally or by text through the Helpline number or by email. Where practicable all requests received before 1100 am will be actioned the same day, otherwise the next day, sooner if possible. Provisions will only be available directly from the Food Bank in exceptional circumstances. The quality of the service will not be effected.

The procedure for dropping off food donations remains the same; bags etc are to be placed in the foyer/lobby where they will be collected by the Duty Manager and then quarantined. Cash donations are to be handed to the Manager where upon they will be recorded and secured.

There were a number of donations today, thank you to those who kindly contributed. The following items are currently in short supply and would be appreciated:

Nappies Size 4+ and Size 6
Tinned meats; pies, ham, pork etc
Washing up liquid

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions – Voting is Open

Thank you to those who’ve voted for the Group,. The voting window is open until Sunday 31st January 2021, so please spread the word.

Take care Stay safe And thank you for your continuing support – BCG Committee – Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Joseph, Jonathan, Sharon and Kev. 👍🏻

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