Well, we’ve had the third consecutive day of have having six requests for assistance and advice. Is this a sign of things stabilising ? Who knows, I’m just glad that we’re able to provide the support that we do, it’s certainly making a difference to those who are unable get out. We are consistently alleviating any concerns and indeed fears of those who worry about not getting their medication or being left without food, and that I’m sure you’ll agree is very rewarding.
Volunteers – I’m pleased to say that our numbers continues to grow and today I extend a warm
welcome to our newest volunteer who has joined us from Washingborough.
Hi-Viz Vests. Today I received an additional 30 hi-viz vests. If any volunteer feels that it would provide any assistance in either their identification or profile whilst out and about and would like one, please give me a call on 07546 241940.
Thank you for your continued support – Andy