As we enter a new month and the beginning of Week 46, it began with 9 requests for assistance being received. They came in the form of:

6 x Welfare (Including two home visits)
1 x Food box delivered
1 x Shopping trip &
1 x Miscellaneous

Branston All Saints Food Bank

Firstly, I must say on behalf of the Group a huge thank you to Keith for arranging a very generous donation of food items that were delivered to the Food Bank this morning by Tesco’s. This is very much appreciated and will most certainly help us to sustain our capability in being able to support residents in need.

Important Request for Volunteer Assistance

I am currently seeking a volunteer to assist a Branston Booths gentleman, by meeting with him for chats, whilst of course complying with the current safety rules. If you are able to assist or would like further information, please give me a call on 07395 906220.

Lincolnshire Community Champions

Thank you to all those who voted for the Group, nothing more can be done apart from waiting for the result. 🤞

Finally, after 316 of these ‘blogs’ and to be honest some good feedback, if there is anything or any information that you’d like me to add, please let me know.

Take care and Stay safe.
Thank you for your continuing support – BCG Committee: Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Joseph, Jonathan, Sharon and Kev. 👍🏻