A slow day with the calls being spread out throughout the day, but nevertheless 11 requests still came in, which as you’ll recall is nearly double our daily average. Today’s scores on the doors were:

4 x Prescription collection and deliveries
3 x Miscellaneous (Primarily related to grant funding applications)
2 x Welfare (Including one home visit) &
2 x Shopping trips

North Kesteven Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund

In order to sustain the Groups ability to continue to provide valuable support to the Community now and well into the future, I am seeking further funding. It has always been my aspiration for the Group and it’s Good Neighbour Scheme to be seen and recognised as an effective and professional voluntary organisation those capabilities can be called upon whenever required and for whoever needs them. We have proven on currently 2064 occasions that we can successfully response to requests and will continue to do so.

Hopefully, at some point we’ll be entering the recovery phase and I’d expect the numbers to drop as we adapt to a new normal. However, with the information, experiences and knowledge that I have acquired over the past 10 months, the continuing need for local volunteer welfare support across the community is still going to be vitally needed. Local authority welfare and care and hospital services are going to be totally overwhelmed in their quest to ‘catch up’. I am under no illusion, the recovery phase is going to take months if not years; the backlog in hospital and dental appointments, people seeking employment, ongoing redundancies, repaying accumulated debts, recovering and dealing with existing or potential mental health issues to name a few are all factors. For many who live amongst us, these factors are not to disappear and unfortunately and undoubtedly going to be massive personal, psychological and financial issues.

In summary, any successful bids for funding, will with due diligence be appropriately and proportionally utilised to ensure the Group is fit for purpose and in a great position to serve the community. If you have any questions or would like any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07395 906220 or cllr.Andy.marchant@gmail.com

Important Request for Volunteer Assistance

Unfortunately this request remains extant and I’m still seeking a volunteer to assist a Branston Booths gentleman. Being referred by welfare services, the role of the volunteer will be to meet him for friendly chats once a week. Primarily, this will help his loneliness and help with his well-being. If you are able to assist or would like further information, please give me a call on 07395 906220.

Branston All Saints Food Bank

If you would like to donate to the Food Bank, it is currently in very short supply of the following items:

Anti-bacterial wipes
Cleaning sprays and cloths
Tinned vegetables (all types)
Talcum powder
Nappy sacks
Breakfast cereals
Crisps and biscuits
Cat and dog food

Take care and Stay safe.
Thank you for your continuing support – BCG Committee: Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Joseph, Jonathan, Sharon and Kev. 👍🏻