Here we are at the start of Week 47 and a busy day with 18 requests being received, covering the full range of our primary services.

For our continuing statistics, the breakdown of tasks for today looks like this:

5 x Miscellaneous (Primarily calls for advice and reassurance)
4 x Food parcels delivered
4 x Welfare (Including 2 x home visits)
3 x Prescription collection and deliveries &
2 x Shopping trips

Branston All Saints Food Bank

Marcus and Judy were kept busy at the Food Bank. As well as checking stock, preparing and delivering foods parcel they also gratefully took receipt of some generous donations. Thank you very much to those who donated.

The ‘Items Most Wanted List’ looks like this:

Anti-bacterial wipes. Cleaning sprays and cloths
Tinned vegetables (all types)
Nappy sacks
Breakfast cereals all types
Crisps and biscuits
Cat and dog food
Squash (Orange send Blackcurrant)

Anything that you can spare or donate will be great appreciated.

Notice for Active Volunteers

With the snow laying throughout the day it was lovely to see our resident robins feeding. The contrast of their bright red chests on the white snow was really beautiful. However, for the volunteers who are out and about, I have Hi-viz vests, waterproof jackets, trousers and even snow shovels, if you would like anything, please let me know on 07395 906220

Take care and Stay safe

Thank you for your continuing support – BCG Committee: Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Joseph, Jonathan, Sharon, Kev and Graham 👍🏻