Today was even quieter as I only received 5 requests for assistance.

2 x Miscellaneous, 1 x Welfare, 1 x Prescription collection and delivery and 1 x Food Box delivery.

Lincolnshire Co-op Community Champions

Following the recent voting, I am absolutely delighted to confirm that the Branston Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group (our previous title) has been selected to be a Community Champion in the Branston area from Sunday 7th March to Saturday 5th June 2021.

Based on previous fundraising, it is anticipated that we may receive between £500 to £1000. Each week a new fundraising total will be displayed on the Community Champions board in the Branston Co-op Foodstore and Pharmacy, so you can keep regularly updated with how much has been raised.

The main fundraising comes from Co-op members, every time a member shops and uses their dividend card a donation will go to their local Community Champions. In addition, money is added to the pot from carrier bag sales, collection boxes, event days and colleague fundraising.

Pending upon Coronavirus restrictions, opportunities may exist to promote the group and assist our local store with fundraising. I will provide more details later.

The totals will be announced within a couple of weeks of the end date. It maybe the case that we could be joint champions, if this is the case the total money raised will be equally split.

Branston All Saints Food Bank

We are desperately short of toilet rolls, we’d be grateful for any donations. Thank you

Take care and Stay safe

Thank you for your continuing support – BCG Committee: Andy, Jim, Linda, Liam, Joseph, Jonathan, Sharon, Kev and Graham 👍🏻