I hope that you have had a good Bank Holiday and enjoyed a nice spell of sunshine.
Yet another very quiet day with only one call being received for advice. However along with a FareShare (Hull & Humber) delivery tomorrow I have received advanced notifications of requests for assistance during the week.
During the past couple of months the number of one-line scams have significantly increased. The email below is yet another example of a scam to look out for that has been brought to my attention by a resident. Please remain vigilant :-
From: “H.M.* Revenue & Customs*” <sales@iblbanca.it>
Date: 25 May 2020 at 09:31:47 BST
Subject: You are eligible for a support grant from the UK government ID – 044692615
This is an automatically generated email.
Please do not reply as the email address is not monitored for received mail.
Good news, our records indicate you are eligible for a £7500 grant from the government.
You do not have to repay this money. Please follow the steps to update your details and
your payment should be credited to your account within 24-48 hours.
The government are now updating their records in order to provide people with the support they need during this situation.
My Account – LOGIN
We have identified additional grants and benefits that you may be entitled to.
Please update your details in order to receive your entitlement
Yours sincerely,
Entitlements Officer
On behalf of the Secretary of State
Take care, Stay Safe and thank you for your continuing support – Andy