Surprisingly another quiet day with once again only 3 requests for assistance being received.
When taking calls from residents asking for help I am always sincerely thanked for the work of the volunteers or as they have become to be known ‘Andy’s Angels. I also receive excellent feedback residents that is passed on by the volunteers. This evening would like to share with you an email that I received earlier:
“Yesterday I decided to pay a visit to the Church Hall and show my face. I met a young lady volunteer who happily travels in from Bardney, and thoroughly enjoys working for your splendid team. Whilst I am in no position to provide you with any physical help, I was able to open my wallet and make a cash donation in appreciation to the outstanding service that will never be forgotten by our local communities.
On leaving the hall I saw another volunteer, and noticed that she had an identity card on a green lanyard from around her neck. When asked, she stated that she going to the chemists to collect some prescriptions. I am very glad to have seen some of your volunteers in action, and to have the opportunity of talking with them. Despite the weather, this really made my day!”
Face masks and materials – There is still a requirement for face masks for the Branston Surgery. If you are making them and would like to donate them, they will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, there still appears to be a shortage of elastic up to 5mm wide, if you have any spare, like the face masks they can be left at the Church Hall, Mon-Fri between 1000-1100hrs.
Take care and Stay Safe