It has been a slow day with only 3 routine requests for assistance being received. However a significant milestone has been passed in that we have now completed 501 tasks in support of vulnerable / shielded residents and others who have needed help.
Although they have predominately resided in Branston, Branston Booths and the Mere we have provided assistance in 12 other communities which is amazing.
To all of the volunteers, residents, organisations and businesses of whom there are too many to individually mention who have contributed their time, money, food and materials etc, thank you each and everyone of you very much you’ve been absolutely brilliant.
Obviously we’re not quite out of the woods yet, but I would suggest that there is light at the end of the tunnel, pending a disastrous second wave of course. We’ll continue to assist and support the community for as long as necessary until some form of normality is resumed.
Thank you all for your continuing support – Andy