Well, it has been the busiest day for quite a while with 18 requests for assistance and advice being received covering a wide range of tasks.
Good Neighbours Scheme. This afternoon I attended a 90 minute Zoom meeting with YMCA Lincs & Community Lincs specifically regarding the future of Covid-19 Support Groups and how they may or may not evolve.
You will be aware of my aspiration to set up a Branston Community Group, this just may well be aligned to the Good Neighbours Scheme model. In essence the role that the our Group is currently performing is identical to that of a Scheme. Being in a GNS will enable us to access all the available support from YMCA Lincs etc which of course will be very useful and something that I will seriously look into. A further meeting is to be held next week and I will keep you posted of any opportunities and developments.
If you like further details or would like to be involved, please call me on 07546 241940.
‘The Wandering Lady’ – This afternoon I received information regarding a lady who was seen wandering around the area of the shops on Station Road who may be in need of help. As you will be aware I posted a request for assistance in reporting any sightings and as a result the response was amazing and very much appreciated. Whilst I cannot go into details, I can however inform you that those who need to know are involved.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy