Well we’ve had another busy day receiving 14 requests for assistance. This more than doubles our daily average and if it continues at this rate, I wonder how soon it will be before we hit the 700 milestone……..🤔. Of course I’m not complaining, it’s just so satisfying that the Group is able to continue to provide this level of support for those who need help in our community.
The Branston All Saints Covid-19 Food Bank – Under the temporary management of and utilising his extensive knowledge of the food and retail industry, Marcus has been kept enjoyably busy in the Food Bank. I would like to say a special thank you all those thoughtful residents and organisations who have kindly donated and continue to donate large amounts of food, cash and face masks. The generosity of the community is truly humbling and of course we wouldn’t have been able to operate as effectively as we do without you.
Take care and Stay Safe
Thank you for your continuing support – Andy