Daily Summary – Day 34 – Sun 26 Apr 2020
Well, yet another day passes where there has been nothing to report !
However, it was welcomed as a day of reflection. To consider how we all are, but more importantly to think about those who have tragically lost their lives and their loved ones who remain as we move forward into week six.
Take care and Stay Safe – Andy

Daily Summary – Day 33 – Sat 25 Apr 2020
For those waiting for today’s summary, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there’s nothing to report ! – A day that was almost as quiet as the B1188 !!
I hope that you enjoyed the sunshine as much I did.
Take care and Stay Safe – Andy

Daily Summary – Day 32 – Fri 24 Apr 2020
Today the group hit and passed a new milestone, with nine requests for assistance being received we broke the 200 barrier and finished at 204. So a big thank you to all the volunteers, including Chris & Julie for managing the Food Bank.
Branston Food Bank Request
For those who would like to donate to the Food Bank, tinned meats and toiletries would be appreciated.
Co-op Message – £20 Vouchers
Just a quick reminder that Co-op £20 vouchers are now available to order over the telephone for those who may be struggling to access cash or even for people wanting to send a gift. Vouchers can be ordered by calling 01522 544 632 Mon-Fri. Please also be aware that there are different Co-ops and the national Co-op have introduced an e-voucher scheme. If you’re not sure whether your nearest Co-op is Lincolnshire Co-op or the national Co-op then please call us and we’ll happily tell you as we wouldn’t want you buying vouchers for the wrong one.
Covid-19 and the increase in scams
Unscrupulous criminals are exploiting fears about COVID-19 to prey on members of the public, particularly older and vulnerable people who are isolated from family and friends. National Trading Standards is warning people to remain vigilant following a rise in coronavirus-related scams that seek to benefit from the public’s concern and uncertainty over COVID-19.
Members of the public should ignore scam products such as supplements and anti-virus kits that falsely claim to cure or prevent COVID-19. In some cases individuals may be pressurised on their own doorsteps to buy anti-virus kits or persuaded into purchasing products that are advertised on their social media feeds. In addition, some call centres that previously targeted UK consumers with dubious health products are now offering supplements that supposedly prevent COVID-19.
Finally, a quick thank you to all those residents who are making face masks for Lincoln County Hospital staff.
Thank you for your continued support – Andy

Daily Summary – Day 31 – Thu 23 Apr 2020
A relatively busy day that saw nine requests for assistance being received, one of which was a new person who bravely called to seek help. Although this is good, as I mentioned last week I’m sure that there are others out there who need to be identified. Therefore, please take a moment to think about whose in and around your neighbourhood who may need help.
Of special note is the fact that the group was approached today by NKDC Wellbeing and asked to provide important support to vulnerable residents in Potterhanworth, Nocton and Metheringham, this is in addition to Washingborough. This was brought about because of the well deserved recognition that the group has gained not only by NKDC but also the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum.
Thank you for your continued support – Andy